Cozy Cat
Veterinary Hospital

For your special cat...


When cat owners travel, it can be a difficult decision whether to board the cat or leave him at home. Many owners are uncomfortable with dropping their cat off at a hospital where barking dogs and loud noises continually cause the cats stress. If you are one of these cat owners, our hospital has a feline-only lodging facility that has been designed around your cat's needs.

Our feline-only lodging facility is a cozy group of "kitty-suites" located in a special room with many amenities. The suites are spacious and quiet, and suites can be adjoined at the owners request for kitties from the same household. Each cat receives a "cat-napper," which has a perch to lounge on and a hole to hide in.

The lodging room has large windows with birdfeeders outside for kitties to enjoy watching birds come and go. For cats who enjoy daily playtime, we also have a "catnasium" where your feline friend can jump, play, perch, and hide. If you will be traveling in the future, please drop by our hospital for a tour of our lodging area. We will be happy to reserve a suite for your cozy cat.emily_doublesuite_edited.jpg

Due to our limited space, we only board our clients, or new clients that are wanting to have new veterinary service or have moved to the area and looking for a new veterinarian.  We are sorry for the inconvenience.