Cozy Cat
Veterinary Hospital

For your special cat...


While most kitties tend to be self-groomers, others may need extra assistance.  Even the most meticulous cat can benefit from professional grooming,  particularly if they have long hair. We offer a full-service grooming facility to meet your cat's special grooming needs, including baths, brushouts, and flea treatments. For the beauty-conscious feline, we also provide special "kitty-clips," including the lion clip. Some cats also prefer the" potty patch," which assists with daily bathing.

Please call our office for an appointment to drop off your cozy cat for a full day of beauty.  You can even bring your kitty in for a pedicure (nail trim) as well as soft paws applications for those cats that love to scratch your sofa.  Grooming appointments are Monday- Thursday.  No Grooms on Fridays.cali_tub.jpg


We only groom our clients cats, if you are new to the area or wishing to have new veterinary services then we can set up a time to groom your pet.  We are limitied on space  and only do so many grooms a day so there is a wait.