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Senior Care

Our senior cats are special to us because they have been with us the longest, and we experience a loving bond with them.  We would like to inform our clients of the special needs senior cats have and what Cozy Cat can do to make your senior as happy and healthy as possible.
We are now offering a Senior Care Package, which includes:
1. Physical ExamDan_D_l_2.jpg
2. Total Body Function Blood Panel
3. Blood Pressure Measurement
4. Dental Exam
5. Nail Trim
6. Exam for Arthritis

1. The physical exam allows us to check your senior cat's:
Heart- changes to heart come about with age.
Teeth- keeping the mouth healthy prolongs life and prevents pain.
Eyes - changes in vision can be discovered.
Ears - excess wax can form in older cats.
Abdominal Organs - check for abnormal masses or organ dysfunction.
Nails - older cat nails can get thick and curl into pad.
Joints - arthritis is common in older cats.
Lymph nodes and thyroid glands- Good screening for cancer or hyperthyroid disease.
2.  Blood Pressure measurement is important to check for hypertension. Hypertension is very common in cats with kidney disease or thyroid disease.   All senior cats should be checked twice a year and put on medication as needed.
3.  The next step is to get a blood and sometimes urine sample.Reasons for total body function blood test and urine testing:
Hyperthyroid disease starts showing up after age 10. It can cause weight loss and an enlarged heart.
Diabetes causes increased thirst and weight loss.
Kidney Disease causes increased thirst and increased urinations and is common in most cats over 10 years old.
Liver Disease can cause vomiting, diarrhea and anemia.
Low Body Potassium is caused by increased urinations depleting body stores of potassium. This causes muscle weakness.
4.  Dental Exam can evaluate dental disease.  Cats can develop tooth erosions into the pulp cavity, which is painful. (Constant infection in the mouth can lead to bacterial infections.)

Other issues older cats face are arthritis, heart disease, cancer, chronic renal insufficiency, nail problems and cognitive changes.
Arthritis is painful and can be helped with glucosamine and chondroitin preparation as well as pain medication.
Cancer is all too common in cats and can be a hidden cause of weight loss.
Chronic renal insufficiency can be managed long term with fluids, potassium, and special foods.
We see nail problems often in older cats where they grow longer, deformed nails that catch in carpet or curl back into the pads. This requires constant trimming.
Cognitive changes can contribute to elimination accidents and yowling at night as well as restlessness.

Other test may be needed or recommended by the veterinarian such as an ECG Measurement.
Another helpful tool are radiographs, shown below.