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 Licensed Veterinary Technician (LVT) or assistant needed for Cozy Cat Veterinary Hospital in Raleigh, NC

We are dedicated to a feline-friendly environment, understanding and working well with cats, and reducing the stress of veterinary visits for our clients, their cats, and ourselves!

We are committed to:

  • low-stress hospitalization and boarding of cats
  • excellent pain management
  • customized low-risk anesthesia
  • modern surgery and dentistry
  • exceptional chronic care
  • life stage preventive care

Our equipment includes a Life Window anesthetic monitor including capnography, ultrasonic dental scalers and high-speed drills, CR radiography, digital dental radiography, Avimark paper lite records, tonometry, cold laser, electrocautery and Hematology and chemistry analyzers. We recently updated our exam rooms, and installed computers in each room.

On a typical day a Veterinary Technician may do:

  • provide husbandry and treatments for cats in our care
  • prepare patients for anesthesia and surgery ie: IV Catheters, Pre-anesthetic Blood work
  • monitor anesthesia and assist with surgical and dentistry procedures
  • recover patients after anesthesia
  • assist in rooms with obtaining the patient's history, exams, samples, and diagnostics along with charges after exams
  • communicate with clients in person and via phone
  • prepare medical records, record all treatments and procedures accurately
  • Answer phone and make appointments
  • Bathing and grooming- Brush outs, Lion clips

We are focused on strengthening and growing as individuals and as a team. We dedicate time to developing skills through lunch and learns, At Dove continuing education, attendance at local and regional CE, and special certifications. We work hard and believe in leaving our work at the hospital so you have time to play too! We also have excellent benefits with vacation, sick time, health insurance, continuing education funds, and more!

Veterinary Technicians will rotate weekends, working Saturday mornings for appointments and then doing treatments for our boarding cats Saturday evenings and Sundays.

Benefits include:

  • Health Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Vision Insurance
  • 401 K
  • Paid Vacation/Sick Leave
  • Continuing Education

If you can see yourself at Cozy Cat, maybe even doing the occasional happy dance among all the adorable cats, please send a resume and cover letter to Dava at Cozy Cat veterinary hospital email dhunt@vetcor.com. We look forward to hearing from you.




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